Smart meters

How Do Smart Meters Work?

Smart Meters are tablet-style digital devices which record your energy usage and sends it to your supplier in order to negate the need for estimated bills.

The device offers an easy-read display showing electricity and gas use, and can be placed anywhere in the home.


Are there different kinds of smart meter?

Yes, there are two different kinds of meter as follows:

First Generation Smart Meters – sMETs1

Also referred to as sMETs1(Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification), first generation smart meters were introduced to the UK in 2017. As these were installed by energy suppliers, they could not be read by an alternative supplier in the event that you switched.

Second Generation Smart Meters – sMETs2

The new version of the smart meter, referred to as the sMETs2 – is unlike the sMETs1- wirelessly connected to the Data Communications Company (DCC). This means that users have the flexibility to continue using the device if they change suppliers, as the meter can be read wirelessly by any supplier.

sMETs2 is currently being offered to those already using standard meters and sMETs1 smart meters. As sMETs2 is not yet compatible with every property, sMETs1 is still available to be installed.