MPAN numbers

What is an MPAN number?

Also known as a Supply number, S number or electricity supply point number, an MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number’ is an identifying code for electricity meters. MPAN numbers are made up of a sequence of 21 digits (numbers and letters) starting with the letter S, covering your meter time switch code, profile class, line loss factor, distributor ID, meter point ID number and check digit.


How do I find my MPAN?

Your MPAN can be found on an old electricity bill usually located within a series of rectangles and squares. MPAN numbers should not be confused with your Meter Serial Number (MSN), which can be found on the meter itself.


Can I find my MPAN online?

Yes, you can find your MPAN on the UK Power website. You need to input your address and your regional distributor, which you will also find on the site.