Meter Serial Numbers (MSN)

What is a Meter Serial Number?

Also known as Meter ID (not to be confused with MPRN, MPAN or supply point numbers), the MSN is a series of numbers or numbers and letters which are used to identify a particular gas or electricity meter in order to ensure that a property’s billing is correct.  


How do I find my Meter Serial Number?

Your MSN will be listed on your energy bills (both online and hard copy) in the Meter Readings section and, also, on the meter itself.  When moving into a new property, it’s a good idea to check that the MSN on your bill matches that of the meter itself.

An electricity MSN is usually found on the front part of the meter on top of or below the barcode.  Gas MSN’s are located in the same place and will usually be a longer number than that of the electricity MSN.