We’re not like other switching services…

You might be thinking you have heard this all before. But we do things differently here at Lowest Tariff. Harnessing the power of our customer numbers to negotiate with the energy companies directly. This means we aren’t driven by commission or brand loyalty; we work tirelessly to find the deal that is right for you. Moving your deal whenever you have the opportunity to save money on a utility bill.


Save time and money

Before now, you had to do the hard work. Trawling the market for a new energy deal or trusting an existing switching service or utility provider. The problem is that these options take up lots of time and probably won’t save you money. Free switching services work on commission from energy providers, which means they are never motivated to find you a great deal. While providers rely on customer loyalty to continually raise prices. When it comes to paid switching services, too often you get stung with a fee and still end up locked into an expensive tariff for too long. That’s why we have created a brand-new type of switching service – one that fights on your behalf for the very best deals around.

Put your feet up and stop worrying about your energy bill

Lowest Tariff is here to stay. Guaranteeing you the very best energy rates available. So, how can we make such a big promise? It’s all down to our amazing customers. By negotiating on behalf of a crowd, we have the bargaining power to ask for the lowest rates in the market. What’s more, our customers give us permission to switch whenever a better deal becomes available. This means you can put your feet up, safe in the knowledge that we are working hard on your energy bill. Making sure that you never pay more than you need to for your utilities.